Best 11 Free iPad Apps For College Students – [August 2023]

Best 11 Free iPad Apps For College Students -

An iPad can be a really useful tool if you’re going to college. Best-in-class graphics are included on Apple’s blazingly fast and incredibly portable tablet, which can easily meet the majority of your needs. The iPad simplifies and enhances a variety of tasks, including schoolwork, time management, entertainment, and more. The abundance of intriguing, practical, … Read more

Is MacBook Air Good For Video Editing?

Is macbook air is good for video editing?

Is MacBook Air Good For Video Editing? (by tech experts) The MacBook Air is capable of managing fundamental video editing applications and responsibilities. Users frequently choose the MacBook Air because of its portability and general performance. [Is MacBook Air Good For Video Editing?] However, it might not be the best choice for more difficult tasks … Read more

Apple Fitness Plus : Unleash Your Fitness Potential

Apple Fitness

What Is Apple Fitness App? The Apple Fitness app, also known as Fitness+ or Apple Fitness Plus, is a subscription-based fitness service offered by Apple. It was launched in late 2020 and is designed to help users stay active and healthy by offering a variety of workout classes and personalized recommendations. One of the standout … Read more

Apple Magic Keyboard (2023) – Worth Buying Or Not ?

Click here Check Latest Price On Amazon. 1). What Is An Apple Magic Keyboard? The Apple Magic Keyboard is a wireless keyboard designed and produced by Apple Inc. It is compatible with various Apple devices, including Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones. The keyboard features a sleek and minimalist design, with a slim profile and an … Read more

The Apple HomePod (2023) – End Of All Smart Speakers ?

Apple homepod

The Apple HomePod (2023) – End Of All Smart Speakers ? (complete review) Apple has long been a major participant in the field of smart speakers, establishing new benchmarks with each new HomePod model. The IT world is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming arrival of the Apple HomePod in 2023 and is speculating as … Read more

Apple Card (2023) – Apply, Credit & Many More.

apple card

1) What is an Apple Card ? The Apple Card is a credit card created by Apple in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.  Two very big names in the finance world. It is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Pay and offers cashback rewards for purchases made with the card. The card can be … Read more

Apple Airtag (2023) – The Detector

  Apple Airtag- (Uses) Apple AirTag is a small, coin-shaped device that can be attached to personal items such as keys, backpacks, or luggage to help locate them if they are lost. It uses Apple’s Find My network to communicate its location to the owner’s Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Click here … Read more

How To Restart An Apple Watch (2023)

While facing any technical glitch or difficulty on your Apple Watch. Restarting your apple watch could be the best solution as it shuts yours apple watch’s system down for some time and runs it again which may solve your problem. However any hardware problem can not be resolved with a restart. To resolve any hardware problem … Read more

Diffrence Between MacBook Air And MacBook Pro (2023)

Difference between macbook air and macbook pro

Here’s the Major Difference Between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro Ports: MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have different ports. MacBook Air has two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports that support charging, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt (up to 40 Gbps), and USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10 Gbps). It also has a headphone … Read more